You need this cloth in your life … no honestly you do!

For me with the work I do cleaning products and gadgets have become the new shoes and clothes for shopping thrills.  Various people have recommened the e-cloth range to me, especially the glass one but I really didn’t think it would be any different from the normal micro fibre cloths that I use.

Oh how wrong I was…

This is the new love of my (cleaning) life

It is so simple and best of all it just works – you simple use any old damp with just water cloth and wipe your windows and then dry with the e-cloth and they will be perfect.  I have to admit that as usual with me I was addicted and did all the outside and inside of the house the 2nd day I had it.

The windows are so clean that they reflect back on you and it is also fab on mirrors, stainless steel, oven fronts etc.

No cleaning sprays are needed, just water on another cloth.

And best of all?  They are half price in Waitrose (online and in store) until 20th March 2012 – so they are £2.60.

I now own 3 as I need (yes that is NEEEEED) one for each day at work.

Seriously go buy one it will make you clean every glass and mirror surface in your house with such glee… or is that just me?

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