You know Google is more than a search engine, right?

My geek life is divided into areas

iPhone & iPad = apple

Desktop & Laptop = Windows

Browser = Chrome

And I haven’t deviated from these. I am one of those people that shudder at the thought of having to use Internet Explorer. Yes it is geek snobbery, but I love the fact it is fast. I don’t do waiting on web pages to open. Yes other browsers have more fluff to add, but I don’t want fluff I want to be able to have 381 tabs open and then all to load whilst I right click to open another tab.

When I added a desktop to the geek device family last year before turning it on I investigated what was now the best way to network the laptop and desktop. I had before spent hours in a previous (life) job trying to get 2 windows computers to share things, only to find they wouldn’t, or would for 3 minutes, then stopping just as you found a file.

It was suggested to me by my geek cousin to try Google Drive instead of my own network. O.K. so slightly outside of the box…

And then the magic words of  “and there’s an app for that…”


Google DriveSo after using Chrome, Google Drive was my first step towards team Google.  A year in and I have been using the Google Drive for all my Geek Work and the blog stuff. It means that I can open the laptop, iPad, desktop or iPhone and stuff is there. An invoice I created on the laptop  is there on my iPhone when I get an email from a client asking for a copy of it.

I have the drive listed as a folder in my windows favorites list, so it integrates just as any other folder. In a year I have only used 25% of my 15 GB.

So that was 2 feet well and truly wandering towards Google…

I often tweeted images of my mail app on my iPhone showing 600+ unread email, and that my outlook account had 2000+. Doing what I do I have several (about 10-ish) different email accounts that I need to use and see the mail from.  Most are domains I own and I can access on the web or via an email client like outlook or the iPhone mail app.  My issue was always if I had them set to imap so that devices sync’d it meant I wouldn’t have a copy of stuff I deleted it and I am a little bit obsessed with having copies of email so that I can prove anything int he world I need to ..EVER.

So they were all set up on POP so they all sat in the email accounts on all the devices and stared at me.

I kept missing emails, and just felt like my inbox was slowly killing me.

So after some heel digging in and dismissing about a month ago I properly investigated adding other accounts to Gmail.


And you know what? It is amazing, and has really transformed my geek life.  I have added my own domain email accounts to my Gmail account and I send emails from Gmail (online or the iPhone/iPad apps) that arrive with the other person saying it is from I have added 5 email accounts and my inbox is currently sitting with 16 read messages and the rest are filed away with different coloured labels on them (yeah it is pretty!)

But the best thing is the syncing across the devices, the Gmail iPhone app beats the iPhone mail app hands down. It is so user friendly,I love the style of it too.

I have a Gmail browser window pinned to my task bar in Chrome so it is always there to open straight up. (cuztomize – tools – create application shortcut in chrome)

Yesterday I ditched my iCloud calendar and, yep I am now using the Google calendar.

So what’s next…well I need something to work on when I am out and about. Something with a keyboard. My laptop battery is done and only works when plugged in. So I have been looking at Chromebooks…

But you will never pries the apple from my hand.


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