Wooden Sandpit Review

If like me you have a child with a birthday close to Christmas we are often given money to buy things in the summer.  But often when we get to the summer we don’t quite get round to it so it might be a good idea to buy summer things now.  I was recently sent a hexagonal wooden sandpit to review from Big Game Hunters the Outdoor Toy Specialists

The website sells many different items from huge full on climbing frames (bigger than my whole garden,) various different sizes of trampolines, outdoor games and sandpits along with various other garden equipment.

Our sandpit arrived in a box and today I set to building it to see how user friendly it was.  I decided to build it inside as it was pouring outside.

The box had a picture on it and the instructions had both words and a picture, being the geek I am I decided to time myself as it looked quite complicated and also with a little helper asking to help I thought O.K. lets see.


It was actually really easy to put together, the ends just slot in and the only bit that you need a X screw driver for are the top bits.  I didn’t secure these as I wanted to be able to take it down and store until the spring and when I have redesigned (again) the garden.

It took me 9 minutes to slot it all together and that was with my little ‘helper’

To finish the sandpit off it comes with a waterproof fabric liner that you fit and cut to size and a water proof cover that fits over and you tighten

It is a really good big size and I would say 3 or4 toddlers could fit in it happily to play with the bonus of the sides being built in seats.

The wood is really nice and smooth, already pre-treated so ready to be outside and open to the elements, and such a nice change from the brightly coloured plastic ones.

Another great thing about the sandpit is that children can build and dig in it, the sand tables are quite limited by size and depth.

The only negative thing I would say is don’t leave your child alone with the polystyrene that was inside the box, buzz lightyear apparently wanted to make snow *groan*

I was sent the sandpit for free to review, but all opinions & comments expressed are my own (and now the million bits of polystyrene are mine too it seems.)

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  1. 16 April , 2012 / 9:11 am

    This looks fantastic. I’m sorry I didn’t see your review earlier, because as luck would have it, I went out and bought a very simple wooden sandpit as an impulse purchase in Tesco yesterday. But it is not half as sturdy or as nice looking as this one.

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