Whiskas goodies from Monster Pet Supplies reviewed

When I read a tweet asking if any bloggers with cats would like to review some of the new Whiskas Tasty Textures pouches I was replying as fast as my fingers would type.  With fat cat Charger, evil cat Dodge and now the new stray kitty to feed I need all the help I can get!

A few days later a gorgeous parcel arrived from Monster Pet Supplies as soon as I had it opened Charger was over and well the video below says it all

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/WiiU82QPpPk” title=”Monster%20Pet%20Supplies%20Whiskas%20Review” autohide=”1″]

Inside were some of the Whiskas Tasty Textures pouches, some Whiskas cat milk and some Dreamies cat treats.

If you ever look down the cat food aisle of the supermarket or pet shop you will see at least one owner desperately searching for the food their cat will eat (this week)  Cats are so fussy, I probably have to swap foods every couple of months as even fat cat Charger goes off different foods.  My 2 (or 3 really I guess) won’t eat food in chunks, they just lick the jelly/gravy off and leave the meat, so I have to buy the pate style food.

When I gave them the Whiskas Tasty Textures pouches the texture is not totally smooth but not in fake little square lumps either, both ate it no problem, with the usual poor Dodge eating half his bowl before fatso shoves him out the way to finish it for him.

I treated them to some cat milk later and well, see below for how much they love that!

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/oLXp17ziHjk” playlist=”Monster Pet Supplies Cat Milk review” title=”Monster%20Pet%20Supplies%20Whiskas%20Cat%20Milk%20review” autohide=”1″]

The Dreamies also went down a storm with Charger biting through the packet in the first video – these are very useful for removing them both from my bed as opposed to the usual potentially losing a foot or finger from evil kitty refusing to move.

I have 2 very happy satisfied kitties (and don’t worry, poor little stray kitty didn’t miss out!)

I was sent the items for free to review, but the opinions, fat cat, evil cat, stray cat and words are all my own


  1. 10 May , 2012 / 5:58 pm

    These videos are fab! We love that your cats (even Mr Stray) loved what we sent out, great blogging!

    Much love from Monster

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