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It is hard to believe that I have now been doing crossfit for 6 months, well perhaps for my followers on twitter and friends on Facebook, it has seemed MUCH longer #crossfitbore

Last week saw me face something that I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to do, box jumps.

Back during the foundation course I discovered I had a fear of jumping onto and over things.  During one of the workouts of the Crossfit Games there were box jump, but it was allowed to do step ups. So I didn’t have to actually do them.  Since then we haven’t had a workout that has included them. Then last Thursday the board had written on it

2 rep max height box jumps

*pukes* (well actually that nearly happened doing the interval runs later…)

So I did my very often heard ‘”Samir (coach) I don’t think I can do these, can I?”

And I got the same reply that I have been hearing for 6 months. “Yes you can”

So to get my head around it I stacked 3 20kg plates and jumped on them. Ok I can do that.  So then the box was there, I stood, freaked out for a few seconds then I jumped and did it, and then down and again.

Samir “Ok, put a 5kg plate on it”


Samir “yes”

And this is the way it went for 15 minutes until I was able to jump on a 24″ box plus a 10KG plate, twice. I stopped there, totally stunned I had done it, but I did.

This was what I thought would be my best, 20" plus 5kg..it was the starting point :)
This was what I thought would be my best, 20″ plus 10kg..it was the starting point

6 months ago I remember struggling mentally and physically to jump on 2 stacked 10kg plates.  Crossfit has allowed me physically to do it, I have allowed myself mentally to do it and Samir has made me believe I can do it.

So yes here is where the magic happens, there is a free taster session on Saturdays from 10am – 10:45 a.m. To book a place give Samir a shout on 07876822730 or emailing  here.

To see what we get up to have a look at the Facebook page & gallery here

If you aren’t local then you can see other Crossfit affiliates here


  1. 19 July , 2013 / 2:05 am

    Awesome job. I’ve always been scared of box jumps too! I’ve only done the 20 in. box. Crossfit makes you do thing you never thought possible for yourself!

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