What Ben (age 8) is watching on Netflix at the moment

Ben over the last few months has worked his way through various Netflix shows, including Pokemon and Power Rangers.   I love the fact that the kids channel means he can choose what he wants to watch and it is ok for him.  He does seem to pick some odd things.  So here are his three latest favourite shows…

Street Football


This is A French (I think( cartoon about a group of kids as they endeavor to start a Street Football World Cup, Tag and his friends apply their passion for football to battle the hardships around them.

He loved it and there were many….many episodes.

Slug Terra


You know that moment when you feel old as you have no idea what a tv show your kids watching is.  Well have you heard of Slug Terra??

Apparently it is a bit like Pokemon. Apparently. It is cartoon slugs you put in a special gun thing and shoot them out to play.  Or something probably not at all like that.  Again he loved it.

And his latest is the recently added to Netflix

Tenkai Knights


I am quoting what it is about as again I have no idea

“Four teenagers use a machine to teleport to another universe named Korton where they become legendary Tenkai Knights. They battle villains, dragons, and monsters with weapons like swords, bows and arrows, and numchucks.”

Well there you go…



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