This iron will change your life | Philips PerfectCare Steam Generator Iron Review

GC7035_20-IMS-en_GBI love ironing.  There I said it.

OK well maybe it is more honest to say I love the result of ironing.  Piles of beautifully smooth pillow cases, putting on crisp white cotton quilt covers without a wrinkle.  Love it.

The only things I don’t iron are underwear, socks and towels.  Although in my previous job I did iron towels.  But everything else gets ironed, from pj’s, to pillow cases, school uniform to jeans.

I have for a long time lusted after a really good iron, and after reading Mostly Yummy Mummy’s review last month of all that iron p*rn of no dial, it being magic and gliding, oh. the. gliding. And then another frend raving about her Philips steam generator I went on a bargain hunt.  And as my luck would have it I found the Philips PerfectCare Steam Generator Iron at Currys with a major reduction from £179.99 down to £69.99.

Now I get that is still a lot of money for most people for an iron. A dull iron.  Or as I see it a beautiful cleaver MAGIC iron.

IMG_2471So Off I went to Currys and bought one and then tried it out.  And my life was changed forever #dramatic


There is no dial, it just knows and doesn’t burn stuff.  And instead of setting it down on its end you leave it on the ironing board hot bit down. And it doesn’t burn… MAGIC.

I had a huge pile of ironing, including a king size white cotton quilt cover which is always a challenge, especially when it has been put to the bottom of the ironing pile for a few days (weeks.)  But it steams (literally) through it with no problem.

There is a button under the handle for steam, I thought this might annoy me, but it doesn’t at all.

The steam is epic, nothing I have ever had on a normal iron.

I went straight from cotton to acrylic jumpers and it just carried on with no hassle.

I am in love.  Totally and utterly in love.

(Yeah a weirdo I know – but tell that to a friend who called me a weirdo, has only ironed bloody hama beads in years and yet went to buy one and ironed anything that stood still in the house and said ‘it is quite good isn’t it.’  She is a bit more reserved on the old ironing lust than me )

So yeah. Go buy one.  Your life will be better for it.

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  1. 1 April , 2016 / 6:20 pm

    This iron looks amazing! I have a much older model which is similar to this but it’s old and on its last legs.

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