There goes the fear…

Ask any adult or child what they are scared of and the normal list of things will be similar to

  • spiders
  • clowns
  • heights

They are the most usual things, and people who have those fears deal with them mostly through avoidance and buying a dog to eat the spiders. (Or is that just my friends?)

3 months ago I knew what my fears were in life, was quite happy with them and would deal with them.

  • Flying in a plane – this is a general ‘big piece of metal in the sky is NOT right’ thing. But was made a teeny bit bigger due to an incident coming back from Dubai a few years ago and well small issue of suspected bomb on board and emergency landings in Damascus and well, lets just say my fear didn’t really improve much.  But I faced it a lot coming and going from Belfast several times a year, spending an hour in a place of total fear but just about getting through it.
  • Rodents – This was from about when I was 10 and we had a load of field mouse moved into our house one evening and I went from not minding gerbils we had when younger to total terror of anything small and WITH THOSE EYES (and tails) I am not good even seeing them on TV.
  • The M25 – hate it…HATE IT.

But Crossfit has made me realise that I actually have a whole heap of new fears to add to the list. SUPER.

The whole ‘making a fool of yourself in public’ doesn’t get on the list, that is a given once you go to the first Crossfit class. You get over that in first 5 minutes, well lets hope you do before you are asked to lay on the floor and do a superman pose and then roll over and do a ..erm.. well a kind of dead bug pose.

But my big issue now is things that your brain says don’t do as it is dangerous, but your body wants to do (and it is not dangerous as you’ve been taught and drilled how to do it properly.)

The Olympic lifts are turning into a battle for me, bar above head or getting under the bar – brain says  ‘oh no on head, arse on floor… hurt!’   But my body knows it can do it, the strength is there, the technique (when using the plastic pole) is there.

But brain over rules body. Damn.

Pick up the bar…

Try again..Don’t think..PICK UP THE DAMN BAR (yeah that is what goes on inside my head)

And I know there are 2 choices here, try again or give up. And whole giving up thing doesn’t really feel like it has a place in my life.

So back to pick up the bar.

Soon the brain will accept that the body can do it and I will get under the bar. So I will be picking up the bar, a lot.

Now lets have a discussion about fear and forward rolls…



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