The one where I start Crossfit…

Back in September I walked into a gym for the first time, and I went back.  I started to run on a treadmill and use the weights machines.  Fast forward 3 months and I was still going, but I was reaching a point of boredom and not really knowing how to advance.

By early Jan this year I had hit my unwritten target of 2 stone weight loss, and was beginning to feel like OK I have done that it, what next.  I think because I had no faith that I would get to that point I hadn’t made a plan passed that.

Running alongside the gym and eating was my social media addiction, when I say addiction I mean…well yes O.K. addiction.  Time spent on Pinterest looking at fitness motivation images, tattoos and stupid dogs.

I kept seeing things about Crossfit, images of girls with amazing bodies, doing amazing things, and so I began to Google about Crossfit and what it was.  And to start with it looked like something for the very fit, people doing this insane kipping pull-up thing, or lifting massive weights above their heads, doing weird gymnastic things on rings. Basically lots of things that were for me, totally terrifying and not something I would ever be able to do.


But then, I started reading, and digging a bit deeper.

The words that began to jump out were ‘scale able’ ‘for everyone’ ‘community’   The people who wrote about it and talked abut it in various YouTube videos were passionate, happy and loving it.  So I then found out that there was a new Crossfit box (gym) opening 15 minutes from me.  And it just felt like all the pieces of this were fitting together too nicely for me to ignore.

So an email was sent, and I then somehow found myself signing up for a 3 times a week for 3 weeks foundation course.

And this is where I found out just how true the image below was…

crossfit newbie


    • 2 Stars and a Swirl
      25 February , 2013 / 3:52 pm

      Always great to find another crossfit blog – thank you. I am hoping to get some more blogging about it done soon 🙂

  1. 1 March , 2013 / 2:58 pm

    Spreading the crossfit message, love it! I’m going to start educating my Mum about it soon, she thinks she could never do anything like this. Gonna prove her wrong! x

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