The one about the treadmill

3 weeks ago I had never been on a treadmill…

To start with I am not the most co-ordinated person, I tend to bump into things, trip and generally have very little spatial awareness.

But on my first session at the gym I made myself have a go.

I soon found out that I have to concentrate on moving and staying in the middle and generally not let me mind wander too far.

The first go I managed to get all tangled with my hands in my head phone wire and send the iPod shooting off the back as it fell on the treadmill.

On session 3 I got a bit cocky and thought, yes I have this now, I can do the treadmill and I can also do a 2nd thing whilst running. I tried to take a drink.  Ha!

Well I had one of those ‘OH MY GOD I AM ABOUT TO DIE’ heart stopping moments with feet tripping over but just about managed to hold it together to not fly off.  I haven’t tried to drink and run again yet.

Another thing I have discovered is, I am not gentle.  Well I kind of knew that bit, delicate I am not.  And when on a treadmill this has the issue that I didn’t realise until I took the headphones off.  I thump very loudly with each step I run.

To the point that people on the other side of the gym turn round and look where the noise is coming from.

But I don’t care, as me thumping on the treadmill has taken a huge being brave move for me, being in the gym to start with was and then actually running on a machine, in front of people?

So yes, I wouldn’t say I have quite conquered the skill of it, I still feel slightly panicked I will shoot off and land in a heap. But I am there and that is all that matters.



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