The Name Tags I Use

I will start off by saying this post is being written as I have ended up emailing and texting the link of these name labels to so many friends as they are just brilliant.  I am not being paid to say it, but just wanted to share a product that really just works.

name labels reviewed

I have just ordered my 3rd set of these, my first set was 4 years ago when Ben started nursery at 6 months, and now here he is getting ready to start school.

The set I order is the

  • 75 stick on for plastics, cups, bottles, inside of shoes, lunch boxes etc
  • 75 iron on for clothes, hats, socks etc

In the 4 years I have been using these I am yet to lose one label of ANYTHING.  I hear so many friends complaining that their iron on stickers have fallen off after a couple of washes.  These never fall off.

They are basic compared to some of the fancier name tags you can get, but then at a price of £9.99 plus £1 p & p you can’t beat it. AND you get 3 lines AND a picture next to the name


There are lots of images to choose from, we have the smiley face (my choice – I expect Ben would choose a car, if he was allowed *ahem*)

They have different size packs available here and also you can choose coloured labels now too.  My previous packs arrived a couple of days after I ordered them too.

So if you have tried others and failed go and buy these, oh they also have a 10 year guarantee!


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