The geek gods are against me!

What a bad geek week I have had.

I blogged a couple of months ago about an incident with Ben versus the TV and up until 2 weeks ago it was never repeated.  But after a bad evening, both of us to blame, tiredness, hard days (i could go on and on) it ended with a Chuggington trains being lobbed at the tv and  1/3 of the tv screen going black with lines through it.

Luckily I was insured for accidental damage but the claim process isn’t that simple and has involved 3 different companies so far and then last week they came to collect the tv to see if it can be fixed.  So we had no tv (it is amazing that you get used to watching 2/3 of a screen!)

So I was ready for a session of no tv again but I cracked after 36 hours and let Ben watch Cbeebies on the laptop.

And then the laptop decided to stop working, well the power to it has.  If I am lucky it will be the power cord/charger box thing, if I am not that lucky it will be the power connector into it.

But at the moment with £150 to pay excess on the tv the laptop isn’t going to be fixed any time soon.

So I dug out my old desktop that I bought 7ish years ago, XP on it and was full of files, photos and stuff from those last 7 years.  But it powered up, I borrowed a monitor and started to try and clear some stuff off it to speed it up from opening a window an hour speed to usable.

And being this week it didn’t go quite to plan.

I was copying things to an external hard drive, all sorted except I deleted a whole load of old videos instead of copied them.  And just to be ultra mega non geek I emptied the recycle bin.  Super.

So I started googling for a program to recover files, I was VERY wary of the free ones as it is such a dodgy thing to start downloading unknown.

But I came across Recuva and it was made by Piriform, the people that make CCleaner so decided to go for it.  It was free and I downloaded it in less than a minute.

And it was magic!

Really simple to use and within 10 minutes I had all the files back that I had removed from the recycle bin.

So I am now back using the slow desktop, attempting to be patient whilst things load.  I have ordered a new power supply from amazon at £12 in the hope that is it.

I should hear back this week if we are to get a new tv or that one will be repairs, again we have been lucky and been lent a tv so cbeebies has been on = my sanity restored.




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