The 30 day Paleo Challenge & me…

I had read a lot about Paleo, it comes hand in hand with Crossfit.  I had read and thought, no way will I do that 100% even for a day.

No bread /pasta/white potatoes? So what the hell would I eat?

No sugar? Are you insane?


So yeah basically no way was I ever going to torture myself with that…

And then, well I was kind of challenged into doing it in a ‘just do it’

And unable to say ‘I can’t’

I did.

I started off with the aim of doing a few days, but I felt so ill the first 3 days that I wasn’t going to go back and wreck it all.  So yes the 30 days challenge it is.

I am currently on day 17, no cheats.

Because I drank coffee with sugar and preferably from my much loved coffee machine as a latte I decided to just stop with coffee, meaning also stopping caffeine.  This was possibly a mistake, because as well as my body not really appreciating the lack of sugar and carbs, it was also trying to survive with no caffeine. By day 4 I cracked and had black coffee with no sugar.  And it was fine, 3 days of no sugar meant that it didn’t taste that bad.

My main issue is not eating enough, I am very much a three meals a day person, proper to September with an odd cake / crisps/ diet coke thrown in between those 3 meals. But since the crap food was gone I got used to being a bit hungry and that was ok.  But with paleo, you are getting your energy from fats. So this means eating lots, and often and cooking stuff in good fats.  Possibly everything I hadn’t been doing from September – February.

The first hurdle was doing the shopping, realising that there are only a few aisle you need to go down. And then the panic of ‘what the hell am I going to eat???’

I sat and wrote a list of meals I could eat, and I am not going to deny it has been harder work than I thought.  Mainly due to cooking 3 meals a day, no just grabbing something wrapped in plastic in a shop and pinging in the microwave.

Craving wise it has been fine, my main one has been for diet coke which I stopped cold turkey in September oddly, and yes going into supermarkets and smelling bread, or cooking oven chips for Ben and not having a sneaky one from the tray is hard, but no cheats.

What I have discovered is that I am not a fan of ‘fake’ food paleo style. My brain thought the flax seed egg (paleo) mayo sandwich I cooked was going to taste like white bread and hellmmans mayo. It very much didn’t.  So I am best sticking to actual real food that is just as it is meant to be.  Steak, roasted veg, salads, many many sweet potatoes and then comes the bacon…

I had read so many things on twitter and pinterest about people who eat paleo being obsessed with bacon and thought, yeah bacon IS nice but not THAT good.

And then you start paleo and realise it is the quickest best thing ever.  I have gone through so many packets int he last 2 1/2 weeks it is crazy.  Leaving the house the other day with 4 cooked rashers in a bowl as I was running late.

It is very much a work in progress, eating enough, meal planning and waiting for the feeling more energy.  I’ve still no idea what I will do when the 30days are up, Cheat meal? Cheat weekend? Cheat day? But I guess by then I will see more results and that will give me my answer.








  1. Andie Pandie
    20 March , 2013 / 10:02 pm

    I’m sitting here reading this post teaspoon in hand dipping into a jar of chocolate spread because I fancied a bit of something sweet……then, when I read the “avoid” list and saw Alcohol I actually coughed and spluttered and the idea 😉 You are an inspiration though and I think you’re doing brilliantly!

    Andie x

  2. 25 March , 2013 / 11:18 pm

    I am not eating paleo exactly but after few years of payong attention to my body as to what fuel it likes, I have pretty much ended up eating like paleo 🙂 I did a few food posts with lots of photos last week 🙂

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