So what does a Fitbit actually do?

Seeing as I am giving away a fitbit as part of the competition here I thought I would explain a bit more about what a fitbit device is.

I bought a fitbit one  before Christmas, I had (as usual for me) read vast amounts online about them, hunted for negative reviews (and couldn’t find any) and then had a really long think about what I would actually gain from owning one.  I fully admit that the geek factor of a little gadget that did stuff was a big factor. (Once a geek, always a geek)

So I got one, and now a week into owning it has it made a difference?

First of all what am I using it for?  For me it has 2 main uses, one is to work out my calories used a day, linking with myfitnesspal app. And secondly, as motivation for moving more.

Fitbit One ReviewSo first of all it is a tiny little device that clips onto your clothes during the day and at night you wear it in a soft pouch on your wrist.  During the day it counts your steps, and steps climbed, it works out your calories burned from moving about.  And at night it monitors your sleep.(the zip doesn’t do stairs or sleep)

And for me the clever bit, I use myfitnesspal app to count the calories I am eating, I also if I have had a run add in the calories burnt.  But the fitbit not only adds running calories used, it works out your total calorie burn for the day. When you go into the myfitnesspal app it show the +/- calories for the day.  So if you’ve had a day of sitting mainly on the sofa you will have a – number for exercise and if you’ve been for a run or even a good walk around the shops you will see a +.

The fitbit syncs seamlessly with my iPhone 4s via bluetooth. It just works with no faff, on / off. Just open the fitbit (free) app and it syncs.

So now I know what to eat a day instead of a vague guessing the calories starter point. (I need to eat more than I thought)

And the motivation side?

You can set your goals per day of how many stairs and steps you want to do. A couple of days ago, we had been at home all day and apart from some cleaning I had been at the computer and Lego building most of the day.  And shock horror I had a negative exercise amount of myfitnesspal app.  So I started going up and down the stairs until I changed it.

The fitbit doesn’t make any sound, last thing you want is to start beeping from it. A charge lasts abut 10 days too and then you just connect it to the usb connector that comes with it to your pc/mac

I am heading (amazingly) towards stopping weighing myself, onto maintenance eating and building muscle.  And for me to know what I am burning will be brilliant.

What the fitbit can’t do is measure things like cycling or swimming, but you can add those yourself.  The stats it produces on the website are amazing.  From seeing how many times you wake up a night and what times (I am between 4 and 20 wake ups a night) to seeing how active you are through the day and when.

I realise it is not 100% scientific and accurate, tI could sit here all day and argue / discuss about heart rate monitors, and other measuring devices, but from what I have seen from the figures I am happy that it is giving me a near enough correct stats for me to work my lifestyle around.

Feel free to ask any questions, and if you fancy winning one (and the aria scales I am lusting after!) then go enter the competition here

I have bought my own fitbit

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