So how did I deal with the Lego situation?

Back in November I blogged about my (ridiculous) fear over what I would do with the Lego we were expecting for Christmas in the house. Most people said that you chuck it all in a box and that is part of the fun.

Well me being me has carefully kept each little sets separately in individual tupperware pots with lids so all the bits and instructions were together. (O.C.D. Much?)

But today I have given in, I have run out of tupperware and Ben has mixed some of it up *gasp*

So it has all gone into one big IKEA drawer, I was tutting as I did it and life may just never be the same again but it is apparently the norm and I am all for normal … no honest I am…



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  1. Andie Pandie
    10 May , 2012 / 10:02 pm

    hehe i’m chuckling at your OCD. Thomas has sooooo much lego. The kits get made up when he 1st gets it but within minutes of it being built he’s pulling it apart to make different things and I really think that’s the fun and the point of lego….building and creating new vehicles/spaceships/buildings etc. We have a couple of see through storage boxes that it’s kept in…a lot like the ikea tubs but stacking type boxes. They are “sorted” into Space lego and Other lego but that’s as far as keeping the kits together goes. Thomas spends hours and hours building new space ships and various star wars scenes!

    On the “I heart organising” blog she’s got 3 boys so a LOT of lego…and they have the Ikea storage that you have and have organised it into colours, they then have a separate pot each for “work in progress” for whatever each boy is building. Amazingly organised but depending if Thomas’ love of lego continues at the same pace we may have to implement ;o)

    Andie x

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