Small Flower Cut Out Clay Chimenea Review

This year I have transformed my garden, when I moved in 4 years ago the garden was just patchy over grown grass.  And even though I have tried really hard to sort it I was always held back by the fact that in both gardens next to me were huge conifer trees that basically covered the whole of my garden and nearly meeting.

It meant the garden was dark and nothing would grow as the ground was so dry.  The garden was also full of mosquitoes and I spent summers covered in bites.

Last year both trees were removed and new fencing went it and I at last had a blank canvas for all my ideas.

Out came everything from the pots and tubs and I dug 2 new flower beds.

Over the last few months I have grown various things from seed and plants that were always a bit sad and limp in pots have grown and literally bloomed.


Next on my list was either a fire pit or Chimenea and I was delight (like really yelp at email inbox delighted!) when I was asked if I would like to review one.

So last week a big box arrived by courier in 48 hours of it being ordered, it was the Small Flower Cut Out Clay Chimenea from Click4Chimemeas.

It came really well packaged with instructions on how to remove it from the box.  The set up instructions were really good and clear too.  Before using it for a larger fire you needed to add a layer of sand (I had some old play same lurking in the shed) and then cure it. Which was have 3 small fires in it to fill the small clay holes with soot.

That evening with Ben eagerly watching I lit the first small fire, as a proud girl guide I was lighting fires outside from a young age and I am a great believer in letting children be part of ‘dangerous’ things so they learn what the dangers are and how to respect them.


The Chimenea isn’t that small at 70cms tall and is solid and the bonus is it isn’t that heavy, so when I am not using it I can easily lift it to a different place (obviously once it has cooled) so it isn’t in the football zone (*rolls eyes*)

You can buy fuel from the site or we went to one of our local ‘posh pound shops’ and got kindlnig and little smokeless logs.  I am so looking forward to having it lit in the evenings, possibly when Ben has gone to bed and I am on a sun lounger with a book.  And also when we have bbq’s and they go on later in the school holidays, and doing marshmallows on it.

This Chimenea is currently on sale for £38.50

Here it is in the no football zone, and yes I did get as much of the plants and flowers into the photos, it has been a long wait to have a garden like this to show off!


(I was sent the Chimenea to review for free, but the thoughts, comments, small boy and beautiful garden are all my own)


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