Review of the TV Screen Protector

I have blogged about the incidents of Ben versus my TV, the first incident back in September 2011 that left a little chip out of the screen and then the finale in December 2012 when Ben threw a Chuggington train at the TV and  left me with 1/3 of the screen black.  The screen had smashed a bit inside making the TV useless.

I had bought the TV with a combination of vouchers from leaving present from my old job and funds from selling all my baby stuff,  I was so angry and debated not replacing it or going back to an old CRT set until Ben has left home.

My insurance company decided to replace the screen on the TV and in January the TV arrived back.

I decided to not make a big deal of telling (threatening) Ben to not touch it etc as it just made it more of a bad thing to do if he needed to push that button.  But it also meant that I was never totally comfortable leaving Ben alone in that room, his behaviour has been so much better, the toddler tantrums are in the past and he will talk and tell me he is sad or cross rather than lob stuff BUT he is 4, he has bad moments where he is 4 and his arm goes out before he remembers not to do it.

And this is where one very simple idea has made me relax again.


Emma Sands who came up with the idea for the Screen Protector explains “The idea for a TV screen protector was conceived after a damaging collision between a Nintendo Wii remote and a 42″ LCD television”

I tweeted about the incident with my TV and had lots of replies of people who it has happened to or knew people who had TVs broken by their darling children.

So the solution…

The Screen Protector Company heard about my plight and kindly sent me a screen protector to try out and review.

The box arrived the next day, it is obviously a big box but it is very light so I had no bother carrying it in.  Inside are clear instructions and tips on how to unpack and put on the protector.

You order one to fit the size of your TV and have a choice of original or anti-glare.  Once out of the box you need to remove the film from both sides (very satisfying!) and as advised not on the carpet as it is static.

You stick on 4 little rubber dots (supplied) inside as per the instructions and diagram and them place it on the TV and secure with the straps.  It took me about 10 minutes to put on and most of that was the removing the films.  It is secured to the TV with 2 velcro straps.

I know for a lot of people the look of the TV is almost as important as what you are watching, and even though I am not really aware, when there was a 2mm chip out of the screen that is ALL I could see.  But I can’t see any difference with the protector on, the colours and clarity of the screen is as good as it was.  The protector itself merges into the tv, it stops short of the speakers too.

I really rate this product, it is a simple solution but one if you have children, trains, wii remotes or just life around you then it works and will save an expensive replacement or insurance excess payment.

The screens of modern TVs really aren’t strong and a stray little car or train, or even pens from children adding to the colours on screen can damage it for good.

Here is what it looks like on my TV

Smashed TV

Smashed TV Screen

I was sent the TV Screen Protector for free to review


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