Review of the Apple Cards App

Last month one of the new app to be released with the IOS 5 was the Cards App it promised to

” lets you create and mail beautifully crafted cards personalized with your own text and photos — right from your iPhone or iPod touch”

I was one of the idiot geeks who sat for hours trying to download the IOS on the night it was released, that gives a clue to how I feel about new apps and things to play with on the iPhone.

So at the end of October was my Dads birthday, he is also a mini Apple geek so I knew he would appreciate a card via the app.

I had looked at the app a week before his birthday and decided what picture I would use on one of the cars, but as there was no function to choose when it was sent I waited until the 27th October to complete the design and order the card.  The process is fairly easy, like anything on the small(ish) iPhone it can be fiddly, but I had no problem, choosing a photo and adding the text and address.

It uses your iTunes account to pay the £3.99 for the card and postage (yes this is expensive – more on that later!) you do need to add the CCV number though too.

I got a confirmation email through straight away and then on the 29th October I got an email saying the card had been dispatched.

On the confirmation email it did say the following

When will my card be received?

Your card will be delivered by the postal service. Delivery times may vary depending on destination. Most orders will arrive within 5-15 business days. Tracking is not available for orders mailed via the postal service.

I assumed this meant that it would be delivered via Royal Mail, so even for 2nd class the most would be 2-4 days.

Well no, the card took 16 days to arrive!  And it came from Czechoslovakia

So even though I thought it might be a day or so late, over 2 weeks really was a shock.  But from reading the reviews now this seems to be the case for most people.

So yes although the app is handy to just sit and do there and then, adding a photo from you iPhone, it is expensive compared to other online cards, it is also quite basic with only 21 designs (and many of these are almost identical)

If you have to leave more than 2 weeks for it to arrive then it is certainly no use for a last-minute thing.

So I don’t think I will be using it again in a hurry – yes for the novelty factor, the envelope was also very pretty but not worth the money or the wait.




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