Review of Sunuva UPF 50+ Protection Swim Shorts and T shirt

The people at Sunuva who sell kids UV swimwear and beachwear are not letting the grey skies, cold and winter weather get them down.  They sent me a set of boys UV swim *& beach wear for Ben to get us ready for the AMAZING summer we are going to have. (The amazingness is me being sunshine optimistic!)

Their site has lots of different designs for boys and girls ages 6 months – 12 years of things they can wear whilst swimming and also summer wear.

I am a total convert to these UV suits and outfits for Ben, he has had a set from age 2 (I won’t comment on the fact we were in Belfast before that and sun wasn’t so much of an issue ;)) and I love the fact it means I can chill out (a bit) when at the beach or even in the garden when the sun is out.  Yes I still cover in lotion on the bits exposed (and also I go a bit further down the neck/arm etc) but it means so much less of a fight and reapplying and getting sticky eurgh.  You know their skin is covered and sun safe.

The suit I was sent (photos below) Is gorgeous.  I am also a fan of bright colours as it always makes them easier to spot on the beach or when out.  And this with the design on the back too is genius as often it is their backs you are squinting at (instead of relaxing with your eyes closed on the beach – one day!)



The rash vest and swim shorts are

  • Exclusive Sunuva Print
  • Machine Washable
  • Quick Drying

They are made from breathable UPF 50+ fabric which blocks out 97% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Both are brilliant quality, now obviously we havent tested them out yes this year, but roll on SUMMER (can you tell I am a tad excited for it to arrive) and he will be in it as soon as the sun is out.

Ben has since a baby always worn a swim t shirt when we go swimming in the pool, it started with the baby suits and then it was good under the flotation vest, and well he now just always wants to wear one.  His last one may have been bought *mumbles* about 2 ish years ago. The sleeve may only come to before his elbows and it possibly has slight crop top tendencies #badmother

So I am really pleased to have this and try it out

I was sent the top & shorts free for the purpose of the review, the excitement about summer, opinions and comments expressed, and the photos belong to me.


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