Review of Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday on Netflix

Pee-Wees Big Holiday

A mystery box arrived yesterday, it was full of smaller boxes and an invitation to watch the new Netflix original film Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday.  In the box was also a map to follow through the film, with pictures telling you when to open each of the little boxes to join in the film fun.

The films plot …

Pee-wee Herman, a resident of Fairville and a cook at Dan’s Diner, meets and befriends actor Joe Manganiello, who convinces Pee-wee to go on the first vacation of his life to reach New York to celebrate Joe’s birthday party.

Here is the trailer

To start the film off, Dan and Ben put on their t -shirt (Dan loving it ;))

And then we began the watching and box opening


Ben hadn’t heard of the character before, but within minutes of it starting was laughing at it.  It is silly humour, but very watchable.

As the film went on went on we opened the boxes and had a mix of things including flags, stickers, friendship bracelets, milkshake glasses and balloons.


The film was suitable for Ben (age 8) with possibly the funniest bit for us was when there is a scene a few seconds long when 3 policemen come into a room and then remove their clothes as strippers.  His face was total confusion of why are the policemen standing in their pants.

Pee-wee teaches the Amish family (yes it is random!!) how to make squeaks with a balloon, cue Ben learning how to do it, and much laughter at the noises.


We have been watching many super hero / fighting /star wars type things as a family recently and this was a lovely break from it all.  Usually this sort of thing is not what I would enjoy, but even I was laughing along to it.

Ben’s review…

Thanks to Netflix for our box of fun to go along with the film – Pee-wee’s Big Holiday is now on Netflix



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