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When it comes to buying things for Ben I have always been a great fan of getting things as cheaply as possible, there is always so much to buy that if I can get a bargain I always will.  BUT…

There are a handful of products that do cost a little bit extra that I rave about, one of them in micro scooters.  Ben has a mini-micro when he was 2 (joint Christmas and birthday) and it was much loved and well used (complete with the pink and green ribbons!)

Last Christmas he upgraded to a maxi-scooter and his micro went to find a new home with Fimb’s youngest, so when I was asked if I would like to review a Hobbyheadz I asked Fimb is she would like to try it out with her 2 boys.

She decided on a Dragon (it was a hard choice between that and the giraffe) and when it arrived was promptly named ‘Dave’

The boys loved it, first of all using it as a puppet


And then the next day taking it out for a ride.

hobbyheadz review 2 Hobbyheadz review

Fimb reported that on the way into the park 3 people stopped her to ask where Dave the Dragon was from.  She also reported it is a great way to tell your scooter from all the others that are about. They are really plush and good quality, making them very distinctive.

The Hobbyheadz fit on other scooters too, which is great.  You simply the head over top of the scooter handlebars and secure sides around scooter shaft using Velcro side pieces.  It is also machine washable which is a huge bonus.

Fimb is now off to buy a Giraffe for the 2nd scooter she is that impressed with them.

The hobbyheadz cost £20 from the Hobbyheadz website but will be also available later in the year from Tesco.

Fimb was sent the hobbyheadz free for the purpose of the review, the very cool small boy belong to her,the opinions and comments expressed, and the photos belong to Fimb and me.


  1. 8 May , 2013 / 9:21 pm

    That looks really cool! Too bad my boys are banned from new toys until school is out (long story).

  2. 9 May , 2013 / 7:44 pm

    Thank you for doing the review – I’m so pleased that Fimb’s kid liked the dragon (phew!) and hope that Hobbyheadz may bring others some fantasy to their scootering fun!

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