Review of Freya Active sports performance kit

When I started a the gym a few weeks ago I dug out the running leggings I had and the sports bra I got a year or more ago.  Both were a bit sad, I ended up wearing a faded black top over the sports bra and well the effect was not really great.

The lovely people at Freya heard my plight (boo hoo me) and kindly sent me some of their fabulous new Active Sports Performance Kit to review.

I like many other women have always pottered along to the big high street store where they are famous for selling bras and measuring you.  I also like many other (especially those of us who are ‘blessed’ in that area) spent most days pulling and poking and being generally uncomfortable in my normal bra.  This summer I had, had enough of under wires digging into my arm pits, and having a crap shape and I went to Bravissimo and got measured properly, not with a tape measure.

I came out with 2 Freya bras and a lack of having to pull at my bra on and off all day to stop it hurting.  I also came out a different size than I went in.  My old sports bra was the old (wrong) size.

Freya sent my the Active Sports Top and Active Sports Pant to review

The top has an inbuilt underwired sports bra, no more multiple strap faffing about. It has a racer back, perfect for the weights area.  I will admit when it arrived I did have to sit and work out how it went on.  It is different  with straps that undo on te shoulder (only when you want them to) and a normal bra back clasp (under the top bit).  But it only took one go of working it out and then each time now has been easy on and off. And NOTHING moves.

I have written about how un-delicate I am on the treadmill  and well, this is comfortable and secure.

The trousers are 3/4 length and have a zip pocket in the back, it is big enough to fit in an iPod touch or iPhone. And worked well with the headphone coming out and up my back.

It has a comfy non moving waist band and are a good flattering cut.

Both items don’t just look good, they are rather clever too.

Polygiene technology is used in the fabric of both the top and the bottoms, Polygiene neutralizes odour by stopping the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi.

Sweat is odorless but helps create the perfect environment for odour-causing bacteria to multiply. When sweat mixes with odor-causing bacteria on fabric, odour is the result. Polygiene uses natural silver salt, a highly effective antimicrobial agent, to safely inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi. However, Polygiene does not affect the natural bacterial flora of your skin. And without odour-causing bacteria, you stay fresh

So the short version? You don’t need to wash it as often as it won’t smell.

And of course I felt it my duty to test this.

So I wore the top once, took it out of the bag when home and hung it up.  And well I repeated that times 3 with no washing.  No smell.

The hoodie I wore after session 1 home on top, wasn’t so erm, fresh.  This Polygiene stuff works. All a bit weird and wonderful for me to get but I don’t care.

What it means for me is less washing, the kit will last longer with no fading. I don;t have that ‘is the stuff dry to wear today’ panic.

And well as I am feeling brave and I am impressed with this, here is me in it.




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