Review of Fimo Starter Kits from Craft Merrily

Since I starting running the Woodchips Group  I fully admit that we haven’t done any crafts at home, when I showed Ben the Fimo Kits when they arrived he asked “are we doing them at Woodchips” *Mummy Guilt*

I have always struggled with just doing random crafts at home and much prefer activities with a start, middle and ending (and instructions!) and Ben is the same.

We were sent 2 Fimo kits from Craft Merrily to try out and I decided it would be a great thing to sit down and do this morning after a rather hectic day out yesterday.

I choose the Robot Kit as Ben is just starting his love of Robots and the Animal Kits as well the sheep looked rather cute!  Each set is £4.75 making them perfect birthday and stocking filler present ideas.

The kits come with instructions on how to make 2 items and then also lots of other pictures to give you more ideas.  We sat down and I explained to Ben it was a bit like Play-doh but we could cook it and then keep it forever to play with.

The instructions are just image based with just the details of how to cook the Fimo in writing

It does say on the packets it is for over 8 and adult supervision is needed, but I felt that as long as I was doing the activity with him there was no risk.  the reason it says for over 8’s is that you have to put it in the oven – but I was going to do that anyway.  Fimo is non toxic so safe for all.

So we set about making the Robot first, the Fimo is the soft version so the same feel as play doh and meaning that Ben was well able to mould it with his hands and the tools I had. (The tools were ones I had for play-doh and a kitchen knife & biro)


Ben really enjoyed using the knife and cutting the different colours and then rolling them into shapes, I did a lot of sitting on my hands and letting him do it as he wanted to (I’m not the only one who struggles with this am I?)

A word of warning though as the Fimo is soft when you are cutting it or rolling it in your hands the colours do transfer easily onto the next colour.  But it wipes off really easily, so I just kept using baby wipes to clean the tools and fingers.

Ben was able to do a lot of the different pieces, I had to assist on joining bits up on a few bits (the hair and eyes) and shaping some bits like the head, but he did most of the rolling and cutting.

The end product 

He really enjoyed it and wanted it to be ready now and not in 30 minutes.  I dispatched him off to go play in the other room allowing me to put on some music and indulge myself with the 2nd kit alone *bliss*

Well when I say alone, I am never really alone…

I wanted to make the sheep as I just loved the bobbled coat on it

I really enjoyed the peace of sitting and squishing the Fimo, so therapeutic to just chill and make something just for fun like this without any little poky fingers ‘helping’

So then they just needed cooking for 30 mins to harden the Fimo

And here are the new addictions to our family

There is still loads of Fimo left and I have promised Ben we will make the other robot next weekend.  I also have loads of other ideas now for it including Christmas decorations, as using a star cookie cutter these will be so easy to do.  I also think we will buy some for Woodchips to use as it is a great easy no mess way to create something to keep.

For some other ideas on what you can make with Fimo have a look here and here.

To have a look at all the starter kits available please click here

I was sent the Fimo for free to review, but all opinions & comments expressed, the small boy and 2 cats belong to me.


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