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I was lucky to receive an invite to the preview day of the new opening for the Giraffe Restaurant in Chelmsford, Essex.  I invited my sister along and we had the added bonus of abandoning as fast as we could letting the Grandparents spend quality time with our children so we could enjoy a rare lunch in peace.

We arrived to a very warm welcome and were shown to our table, the restaurant has a light airy feel and it looks like all the tops of the windows open out for summer time dining.

Neither of us had been to a Giraffe restaurant before and were both impressed with the vast menu options.  My sister is a veggie and was really pleased to a really big range of veggie mains.  We spent ages deciding what to have, the staff answered a couple of queries about what certain sauces were.  In the end my sister went for a non veggie meal and asked if they would remove the meat.  She choose the Hot “Thai” Duck Stir Fry.  Staff offered to substitute the duck for tofu but she was happy to have it with neither.

I went for a Burger “Avec Cheese” as I really think you can judge a restaurant on how their burgers are.

Whilst we were waiting for the food we asked to have a look at a children’s menu to see what potions there were if we came back with the children, the kids menu is divided in 2, for smaller children and then young adults.  I loved the idea of the Kids Full Brunch for a lazy weekend breakfast.

One of my sisters children has an egg allergy and we noted on the menu it said that a food chart was available to see different options, so wanting to fully test them out we asked for a copy.  And one was instantly produced with no fuss.  This is also available online here

Our main meals arrived and looked delicious,  and they tasted as good as they looked.  The only criticism would be that the portions are not that big.  The stir fry came in a bowl with a very narrow bottom and was only half full, so not a great size.  My sister commented it was more of a starter size than a main course.

When ordering your burger you are asked how you want it cooked, I went with medium but have to say it was more on the rare side, very red inside.  I don’t mind this as long as it is quality meat so didn’t sent it back.  I could have done with more chips too.

But the food was really good, so fresh and obviously just cooked as it allowed them to mix up and remove ingredients.  I tried the stir fry and the peppers in it were so tasty.

Once finished we decided on a desert, Toffee Apple Crumble and Banana Waffle Spilt and I also ordered a non alcoholic cocktail – I went for a virgin mojito

Both deserts were really tasty, the Apple Crumble is advertised for sharing and it did defeat my sister!  I did manage to finish mine though!

We had a really nice chilled time at Giraffe, a few other things we noted whilst there

  • Unisex baby changing
  • Offer colouring packs for 2 age ranges of children
  • Loads of wooden high chairs that fit to the table so children feel part of the meal
  • 10 different types of tea

The staff are all really eager to please and enthusiastic about this new restaurant, and are excited about welcoming more people into eat there.

You can book a table online here

Many thanks to Giraffe for the chance to come and test their new restaurant for free, the opinions in this post are my own as are the extra notch on my belt.


  1. MissusK
    25 November , 2011 / 1:10 pm

    I’ve found hem great with Joe and his allergies.. I rung up before hand to check what he could eat and they were really helpful.

    Only ver minor issue was when ordering a brunch with others, the adult meals arrived 10 mins before Joe’s did – not a good thing with a hungry toddler!

    • 2 Stars and a Swirl
      25 November , 2011 / 1:21 pm

      Yes they also said they could adapt lots of the meals with egg to be without. Really helpful – did you see you can download the pdf chart too?

  2. 26 November , 2011 / 8:46 am

    Mmmm…. desert…. looks yummy 😀

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