Review of Bazoo Toilet Paper

Bazoo contacted me asking if I would like to try their toilet roll.  I hadn’t heard of Bazoo before but checked out their website.

Their toilet rolls are the world’s first and only carbon-negative toilet paper.  Made from sustainably made 100% FSC certified bamboo pulp.

They have 3 types of toilet rolls available to buy on their website. All are 100% bamboo, but your choices are either wrapped white toilet roll, unbleached or unwrapped white toilet roll.

They sent me a wrapped roll and an unbleached roll.

The price for the unwrapped white and the unbleached are the same, and the wrapped is slightly more expensive.

I know lots of people question if these type of rolls need to be wrapped, so it is great to give a choice on this.  And depending on where you store your rolls having them not wrapped is a great option.

Both rolls were soft, if you are used to supermarket quilted, expensive toilet rolls this does take some getting used to.  But it IS SOFT!

The colour choices…

The unbleached bamboo toilet paper comes without wrapping, there are no inks or dyes used either and it leaves the paper, well brown.

And this is going to be the eco hill you can die on…either you are ok having brown toilet paper and you know that is helping the planet, or that is a step too far.

For me, it was a step too far..

I am not sure why, but let’s say personal preference and leave it there.  But that is the great thing about Bazoo there are the choices of colours and wraps.

Their white toilet roll is bleached in an environmentally way too

“That’s why we use the most environmentally free bleach possible, TCF (totally chlorine-free bleach), which is produced naturally by plants and animals, and used only in very weak concentrations.”

I would recommend Bazoo, the paper was soft and comfortable to use and flushed easily.  Being able to bulk buy and also subscribe if you want to is a great option too.

You can see the range and pricing here and also read more about their sustainability plans. 

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