Review: Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

At the start of the summer when I was beginning to get a tan I realised that all my foundations were doing me no favours, either in colour, coverage or consistency.

It was then I stumbled on the genius that is the lovely Estée Lauder lady at my local boots branch.  My experince in the past of make up counter ladies has always been quite scary, being told to wear make up that you know isn’t for you but are too scared to say no to or disagree with what they are saying.  Often walking away knowing that you probably won’t wear the item.

Foundation is for most women the real holy grail product, for me I have never got it totally right.  Either it goes on beautifully and looks great, but within 10 minutes it has all come off, or I am shiny.  Or the colour is wrong, really wrong.  Or it doesn’t actually cover anything I need it to.

When I went for a chat I was advised to try the Double Wear Foundation and was given a 7 days sample.  We (and yes WE, I was asked what I thought and was allowed to give an answer!) went through lots of colour options and finally settled one one.  I took it home (it was a free sample) and tried it for a week, and fell in live.  The colour was so good that I was able to wear it on just some areas and blend it seamlessly.  And it stayed on, through everything.  I am not one to do the gym in full make up, but if my skin is really bad I do often wear some foundation to just make be feel better, and it stayed on for gym sessions.

It only comes off when you want it to.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

In October my tan had faded quite a bit and I knew it was time to go and get a different colour.  The foundation lasts for 2 years from the date of opening so plenty of time to finish the other bottle up too.

I love the stuff and apply with a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (review coming up soon)

My only gripe is the lid, I would love a squirty type lid, a I pour it onto the back of my hand the bottle tends to drip and becomes messy.



  1. 9 December , 2013 / 10:06 pm

    I have tried so many foundations and bb/cc creams, from Chanel to No7. They all make my face really shiny and I’m sticking to pressed powder 🙁

    • 2 Stars and a Swirl
      10 December , 2013 / 10:14 am

      I have found this is great for that but I still need to use a powder over the top. Ah the joys of teenage skin!

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