Poppy Cat on Nick Jr Review

When I upgraded my tv package a month ago one huge bonus was now having Nick Jr for Ben to watch.  We have seen many (many many) episodes of Peppa Pig before, but we started watching Ben & Holly as well.  Like many pre-schoolers & toddler Ben is happy to watch the same thing again and again until I get to the point of needing new episodes or I will have my own toddler type tantrum.

And having a house where there is one main room, when the tv is on then I am listening to what is on with no escape.

Some shows grate on me, it tends to be down the voices and how annoying they are (to me) and if I hate them then they are given limited viewing.  We also tend to ‘+’ the shows we like so we can watch them minus the adverts.

I was asked if we would like to review a new Nick JR show called Poppy Cat and when a huge envelope arrived last week I amnot sure who was more excited (it was me) Out tumbled n amazing pop up book, a DVD, the cutest coasters and some other fab bits.

Poppy cat was launched on Nick Jr at the start of May and is on at 10 a.m. every weekday

Ben was excited to put a new DVD on and we sat back to watch, Poppy Cat is voiced by Joanna Page from Gavin & Stacey and her gentle voice is lovely to hear.

Poppy Cat has 5 friends and together they go on different wonderful adventures in each of the 21 episodes. Ben really enjoyed the 2 episodes we watched and asked for them on again, and again and well again!

I also enjoyed watching them (O.K. I admit I only sat through the 1st session) as they aren’t shouting at you, they talk in proper language, there is no ‘catchy’ music that stays in your head all day.  The graphics are lovely and gentle and the stories are centred on friendship and solving problems.

As part of the pack we were also sent a beautiful pop-up book “Poppy Cat’s Dream” that has 10 amazing pop-up scenes in it.

We have never had pop-up books at home as I was always nervous  they would get ripped (mean Mummy) but this is just beautiful and Ben loved it, especially the rocket!

You can watch Poppy Cat clips here to get a taste of the stories and then tune in to Nick JR every day at 10 a.m. for more.

I was sent the Poppy Cat items for free to review

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