Not Lactose Intolerant Anymore

Back in May this year I wrote about how Ben had become lactose intolerant again after a bad stomach bug.  

I had decided at the time to cut out the main lactose, milk, butter and yoghurt from his diet but to still allow foods where milk was used e.g. chocolate, biscuits and lots of other things.

Well for us this has worked, a couple of weeks ago I started to give him normal butter on his crackers and toast and there was no reaction, so I kept going and swapped to normal milk again and let him have yoghurts.

And he has been fine, which is brilliant for him to be starting school and able to have normal (free) milk and get back to enjoying yoghurts too.

It may be something that happens again – a bit of a ‘who knows?’ I guess but at least I will be hopeful that is is temporary again.

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  1. 3 November , 2012 / 11:46 am

    Ho old is Ben? This happened to middle son in September, but he wouldn’t have milk, cheese or yoghurts anyway. Never liked them. So had to remove cho, ice cream and biscuits as this was the only dairy he got, when he had treats. Ice cream seemed to be the worst offender. Have you tried Ben with it yet. So pelased to see he’s recovered well. It’s a royal pain in the bottom when they are pre-school and can’t have the snacks.

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