My top 10 Amazon buys of 2017

We started using Amazon prime a couple of years ago, and are now fully immersed into it and the joy of the Amazon man coming several times a week.  It is quick, easy and cheap for nearly everything you can think to buy. Here are the top 10 things I purchased last year.

Mpow Solar Lights £17.99

We now have 2 of these, one by the front door and one in the back garden.  Before we got our puppy I was searching for an outside garden light that didn’t need wiring in.  I wasn’t convinced a solar light would be powerful enough, or in (mainly) cold dark England it would charge enough.  But the reviews for these were excellent so I ordered one to see. And they are fantastic!  Even in the middle of winter they still work and are really bright.  With a few different settings, but we using the movement one, so when you go near it it comes on.

Invisibobble Power Hair Ring £5.95

These have been a total game changer for me, I used to use normal hair bobbles and then leave a trail of them round the house when I took them out.  And then you would run out as all were lost.  I have very long hair and wear it up more than down in a messy bun, also sleep with it up.  These are so much more comfortable than normal hair bobbles and are also far better at keeping your hair up. When they have become too stretched you just put them in a bowl and pour boiling water over and they go back to their original size.

Expandable Shopping Trolley Bags £20.00

I saw a lady using these at the supermarket and went up and asked where they were from, she said Lakeland and I said “ah yes of course!” I found them on Amazon with prime so free delivery. They are genius, pack into each other for in the car, then if using a small trolley fit that and you can expand them if you end up buying more than you intended to.  Really strong and well made and easy to load shopping into as don’t squish up.

Yakers Dog Chew £10.77

These have been a sanity saver with a very active puppy!  Not wanting to give her rawhide products, and other types of bones seem to be filled with rubbish, these are expensive but so worth it.  Knowing they are natural and they keep her working at them, and occupied.

Amazon Echo Dot £49.99

Oh Alexa how you have moved into our house and become part of the family.  As we walk in the door and start saying “Alexa, put on the lamp”  On leaving the dog in the kitchen “Alexa play radio 2” And one of the best uses “Alexa, add milk to the shopping list” We now have 3 dots around the house, various lamps and lights with wifi bulbs and plugs working.  We also have the SONOS connected too. But one of the main things we use it for is to add things to our shared Any List app.  So when you are at the supermarket it has a list ready. Currently 20% off all Amazon Echo products until the 21st January 2018 Click here for details 

Clear Crystal Glass Door Knobs £12.79

When I did the bedroom furniture make over I discovered these and then purchased more for our new living room furniture last year too.  They are such good quality for the price, and are glass (with plastic metal bits)

KONG Dog Toys £5.99

We have been through many dog toys over the past 9 months.  Some you buy as they look cute (they are usually sprockered and killed in minutes) but the KONG toys keep going.  Especially the ones with no stuffing and rope bodies. The sheep was another hit as it makes a noise as filled with ‘stuff’ that I imagined would be chewed and released within the day but it is still going strong 3 months later.

Redback UBOK Chelsea Boots Brown from Australia £86.00

Oh I love these boots!  I did so much research into some boots for dog walking and I took a chance and ordered these from Amazon (knowing I could return them).  They are made in Australia still, unlike the similar Blundstone boots and the reviews online were brilliant.  And after 9 months use in the summer (feet stayed cool) and snow (dry feet) cold (feet stay warm) mud and puddles (feet stayed dry) I am delighted with them.  They are so comfy, with springy soles, didn’t take any wearing in at all.  I also love how they look, I have worn with shorts, jeans and most things.

I recently also cleaned them and re applied dubbin and they came up like new again.

(I can see Amazon have limited sizes now, but have a search around as often other sellers)

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

This book is a total joy.  I had seen a copy and then purchased one for my Niece for Christmas.  It is not only for girls, everyone should read it.  It is inspiring and just lovely. A collection of women through the ages and how they have made a difference, often through hardship. All in one page for each.

7 Packing Cubes Travel Organisers £9.99

These don’t look very exciting, but they are so brilliant.  (well in my world anyway!) Packing for business trips or holidays, being able to group stuff together so when you unpack the other end it is so much easier.  Having a bag for shoes, and sun lotion etc. I had also purchased some to match my luggage from Cath Kidston, but these amazon ones are much better quality and much cheaper.
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