My Highlight of 2013

For the last couple of years, Ben and I have been lucky enough to spend a week in Aldeburgh, Suffolk each summer.

Our trip in August 2013 made many new memories for us both, and had a few firsts.  the child that was phobic of walking ont he sand at all 2 years ago (I had to carry him) not only walked on sand, but then did bare foot.

And 2nd he tried and ate some ice cream, and actually liked it for nearly 1/2 a cone.  (Then it got too col to eat apparently)

We went to Framlingham Castle and aged being knights and also watched some of the real knights put on their armour.

Boating on the Mete in Thorpeness is always an essential trip too (and a bonus discovery of the best bacon sandwiches in the world.) This year we (I) was brave and we even stopped off at some of the islands and got off and on the boat again a few times.

The shell on Aldeburgh beach is a photo opportunity always, it is an amazing place to climb on and watch the sea.

Each summer Ben is growing up more and more, and being able to compare photos from the previous year is a bonus too.

Suffolk is such a special place for us, I feel my shoulders drop the closer we get. It is good for me to be in a place where no one rushes. It forces me to adopt this lifestyle – with the cream teas throw in here and there too.

The kite flying is always achievement as I failed on getting the big posh one up (yes I was *that* person on the beach running up and down throwing it and swearing under my breath.)  But the cheap kids one went up like a dream.

We will be back again next year, and do the same things again, but each year we both take something different from it.  I can’t wait.

The people over at  Lloyds Bank campaign moments that mattered were kind enough to put together my photos below, to show my moments of 2013 that mattered.


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