Method Cleaning Products Reviewed

I will start this review by saying that 6 months ago I was a non-believer in what I thought were hippy green cleaning products.  I use a lot of different products at work and I need things that work fast and the first time.  All my jobs are time restricted and I need to get each task done and dusted (literally) as fast as I can.

6 months ago I read my friend Fimb gushing about the Method Pink Grapefruit all purpose spray  and being easily led and in need of a shopping adrenaline hit I trotted off and bought a bottle.  That was the start of the new love in my life, that love being Method cleaning products.

Method got to hear of my love and kindly sent me through some other products to try, I will be writing another post soon about more of their products.

Method all purpose spray
French lavender

This is the product that I first used from the range.  I would choose the pink grapefruit verson but it is just personal choice of the 2 smells.  They both work exactly the same.

The smell of both is beautiful – not often you describe cleaning products like that!  But they are, they are subtle and pleasant to use.  And when you walk into the kitchen after using them it smells of lavender or grapefruit and not fake clean chemical smells.

“Our ingredients are natural, derived from corn and coconut – the lavender oil is from French lavender, and not tested on any animals.”

So yes they smell nice but does it clean?  Oh yes!

I thought using ‘green’ products meant that I would be working harder to scrub, and that they wouldn’t work as well as the usual chemical sprays.  But this stuff amazed me, you spray it on, leave it for a minute on tough marks and wipe and the grot is gone.

I have used it in the kitchen, hob, stainless steel, bins, skirting boards, doors and frames, floors, windows, ledges & frames, shoes, litter trays, inside of my car, table tops, walls, kitchen cupboards and many more areas.  I often use this at work instead of normal polish.

Below is a before and after, I sprayed it on, left for less than a minute and then wiped.


Method laundry detergent
Fresh Air

This little bottle contains 25 washes, all you need is 4 squirts straight into the drum for it to work its magic.  You can also squirt it directly onto tough stains.

“This teeny package packs a lot of punch. our patent-pending smartclean technology™ uses an ultra concentrated plant-based formula that delivers big cleaning power with just a few tiny squirts. a 35% smaller carbon footprint than conventional detergent”

It smells of clean, not over the top perfume but just clean and fresh.  I have been using it all week and everything is clean, I mix between quick 30 minute washes and longer 2 hour ones and it has worked in all.

A friend has also been using this at home for the first time and I asked her what she thought.  She is delighted that it has got some paint stains out from her little boys nursery clothes that various other branded washing powders haven’t managed to.  She has also taken to using half doses in a full wash and been pleased with those results too.

I put in my work steam mop micro fibre cloth and it came out clean

Method Laundry detergent review                     Method Laundry detergent review

Method gel hand wash
Sweet water                 Waterfall

method soapMy hands at this time of the year are so dry and chapped and so washing them in soap that strips them even more is a no go.  These soaps both smell gorgeous, a gentle perfume that doesn’t shout at you but softly lingers after you dry your hands.

“You don’t have to be anti-bacterial to be pro-clean. Soap’s job is to clean. Not kill. So why do so many brag about their 99.99% death rate? If microbes can’t take it, what makes you think your hands can? At method, we make hand washes that are Triclosan-free and as safe as they are stunning”


The bottles are also beautiful to have on display in the kitchen and bathroom.  When these run out I will be buying the pink grapefruit one as I eally love the all purpose spray that much that I may have been looking online for a pink grapefruit shower gel recently.

If you want to try out a few of the products then you can buy the detox your home kit

I have spent over £100 on method products in the last 6 months so really feel qualified to promote the brand.  Before I tried the Method products I was a non believer in the power of natural cleaning products, I thought they were expensive and a waste of time.  But now after trying many products in the range I have been convinced and have repurchased all I have bought.  I will be writing more about other products soon, so watch this space.

 I was sent the items in the top photo to review and keep, the dirt along with the opinions are all my own.




  1. Fimb
    12 February , 2012 / 10:39 pm

    I love converting people to the all purpose spray, as it always amazes them.

    My Mum came to help me clean the very grim uPVC window frames of our new house. As an obsessive cleaner, she came armed with a box of potions.. I handed her my Pink Grapefruit spray. She poo pooed it, then tried it – and took the bottle home! It really is amazing stuff.

    Only one problem. Every time someone visits and I introduce them to it – they take my bottle home!!

  2. 2 Stars and a Swirl
    12 February , 2012 / 10:41 pm

    I ended up using a bottle of flash I had tucked away for a job last week to use it up and after using the all purpose Method for so long I forgot how horrible the smell is of the chemical ones, I was spraying, breathing in and coughing. Eurgh!!

  3. HookySpelooky
    12 February , 2012 / 10:54 pm

    You know you’ve just made me buy that don’t you. Can’t wait, along with my shiny new dyson I’ll be converted to enjoying housework at this rate!

  4. Fimb
    12 February , 2012 / 11:56 pm

    As long as you’re not stealing my bottle Hooky!

    Going back a few years, my brother who works for a, um, unamed utilities company, used to be given these huge containers of wipes, and so would occasionally give me a tup. They were amazing – cleaned everything so easily. They smelled of orange and when they stopped being given them, I dedicated my life to finding them in shops. You can’t, it’s impossible.. so that led to a hunt for a cleaning spray that was as good. Hence, I would buy every orange scented cleaning product I came across. Nothing was as good, and I luckily branched out into other citrus (other than lemon. HATE lemon scented products) smells.

    So, actually, the unamed utility company is to blame for all of this!

  5. Mrs J Abbott
    10 April , 2020 / 7:22 pm

    Just used ylang ylang wall tile etc spray which just spray on an it does the job for you smells nice but doesn’t do what it says on the spray I’ve had to do the same as any other an put elbow grease in!

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