Matalan Souluxe Activewear Review

souluxe-running-jacketI accidentally discovered the Matalan range of sportswear last year when I had popped in to look at their home stuff.

It seems nearly all clothing shops have realised there is a gap in the market for cheaper spots wear.  The only issue is that for most companies it means cheap and nasty quality, or even worse (for me) they assume all women’s active wear should be pink, or have pink stripes or logos.

Last season I got a long sleeve thing black top and black vest, both plain and in really good quality fabrics that have washed really well.  Do the job in the gym and have been worn lots.  Last year I was on Facebook telling everyone how good it was, and also that their kids activewear range was fantastic. (I do have to say the selection online is really rubbish, so much more in store!)

So yesterday I went in to see what they had and I was totally impressed.  The range in store was mainly black but with a sprinkling of purple, black and white and a bit of pink (for those that love it) and the sizing is brilliant.  Small to Extra Large covering 8-16/18 (I would guess)

But what I think is so good is the price and quality.

For someone whose main focus is barbell work and doing squats I need leggings that don’t go see through.   I spend my life checking how leggings go when they are stretched.  And the majority of high street and some expensive brands are just crap.  The basic (not online at the moment) black 3/4 and long leggings £9 and £10 are thick, with lovely wide waist bands that come up high.

souluxe-printed-sports-vestThe ultimate test for me is wearing them for jumping around stuff, so testing doing double unders and they didn’t fall down.

I also got a couple more black vests, the ones I got are thin flowey fabric rather than skin tight ones.  But they have more regular tights ones.

They have a good range of designs and prices, more luxe type leggings styles with details and patterns too. The shorts they had in store where also brilliant, a really good length of being shorts but not hotpants.

If you can get to a Matalan to have a look I would really recommend it, as I said the online selection is rubbish compared to in store.  And for sizes I had to try on to get the fit I wanted.  But totally worth it.






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  1. 17 April , 2018 / 10:32 am

    Nice Souluxe.

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