Lactose Intolerant Again

Ben was diagnosed with lactose intolerance at 12 weeks after a stint in hospital and catching the norovirus there. It was a classic case of Mummy intuition that something was not right. It was initially dismissed by the GP & Health Visitor but we were still under a consultant and I had done lots of research (googing) as I knew something wasn’t right with him.

So for 3 months or so he was on the Lactose free baby milk and then norml baby milk was introduced and after a week he was fine again.

So fast forward 4 years or no issues and then about a month ago, after a few weeks of poo issues for him (sorry not nice way to discuss this bit!) the issue being so so much of it I knew something wasn’t right. But it took me ages to put 2 and 2 together again and realize that it was lactose intolerance again. He had a really bad sickness bug were he puked every hour for 24 hours, and this it seems was the trigger.

Now obviously swapping baby milk is a hell of a lot simpler than going from an eat an all inclusive diet to a non dairy one. So after a think and consulting twitter I decided to try the lactose free cows milk, I knew Ben being as fussy with food as he was that trying soya milk was a no go as he wouldn’t entertain a different taste.

So a couple of weeks ago I bought some of the lactose free milk and we started having that, after a week I noticed an improvement but not every day. This week I started on the lactose free butter too and now there is a huge difference.

My logic of not cutting out all the dairy was based on he doesn’t eat that much apart from milk/butter/yoghurts and re introducing it would be harder.

We did try the lactose free yoghurt but they have bits in so he wouldn’t eat them. No sure what to try to replace these as there doesn’t seem to be any choice. I did buy the soya chocolate puddings but again he wouldn’t try them.

The other thing he is missing is garlic bread (stupidly it took me ages to see this as a trigger because of the butter in it.) So I guess I need to do some home made garlic bread.

I am really hoping that again this is a temporary thing and after a month or so his tummy will settle and start to tolerate lactose again.

Anyone have any experience of this in a pre-schooler age? How long before it settled and you could go back to normal dairy?

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