I can do this

2 weeks ago I was terrified.  I was forcing myself to go and do something brand new, in a place I had never been and was really scared to go.

It took an iMessage shove from a twitter friend to feel the fear and go and do it anyway.

The place that was so scary?

The Gym.

I have never been in a gym to workout, I had walked past machines on the way to a spa before but that was about it.  Over the summer I decided that with Ben starting school I would now be able to find an hour 3 times a week to dedicate to me.

Yes it was tempting to spend those 3 hours on a sofa but I have reached the point where I wanted to get fitter, and no amount of laying on a sofa was going to sort that.

To coincide with my thoughts of a fitter lifestyle a new gym opened locally with no contract and was offering no joining fee.  Perfect as no risk really.

I joined up and booked a group into session to be shown the equipment.  And then the fear took over.

What about everyone looking at me? What do I wear?  What lever of idiot will I make of myself?

In what felt like one of the bravest things I have done I forced myself to go.

And of course it was in no way scary, yes it was a bit intimidating walking in, but the staff and other 2 ladies being shown around were all lovely.  The gym has a ladies only room too which is also brilliant.

I stayed after the intro session and thought ok, now or never.

So that was the starting point, me in a gym.



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