Good Little Sausages Review

I am really fussy about meant and more specifically dodgy bits in meat.  You know those horrible chewy, fat, yuck bits.  Think I must be traumatised from a child from cheap nasty frozen sausages.

I discovered the Good Little Sausages over a year ago in Waitrose and have been a total convert since.

They are gluten free and have minimal ingredients, which for me trying to mainly eat clean is brilliant.  They are high meat content 85% British outside bred pork.

And there are no dodgy, yucky, weird bits in them.

They come in 3 types, little,  teeny weeny and big so cover all your needs. I use the teeny weeny in sausage casseroles.

LN_375861_BP_11 LN_465048_BP_11

Another bonus is for each pack you buy, someone in a developing country (Malawi, for example) gets a staple meal every day for a whole week.

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