Going back to work

And so the time has come that I am back to work full time from Monday and Ben goes to nursery full time.

I just can’t believe that 6 months has gone so fast.

I am happy with where he is going and he goes for 2 x 2 1/2 taster sessions on Thurs & Fri this week.

It just keeps hitting me like a ton of bricks that he isn’t going to be with me all day and I am terrified he is going to miss me and be scared and frightened without me (OK the tears have just started again – I am officially a wuss )It is just tearing me apart that we will never spend the same amount of time together again.

Going back to work f/t is not a choice, and Ben going to a nursery as apposed to family is not a choice either, still not sure how we are actually going to be able to afford to eat but ho hum I know it will get easier.

He is such a cutie and I am going to miss him so much

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