Gnome cookie cutters and Manwrap reviewed

Yes by that title it may look like I have been on the Christmas sherry already but nope, not yet.

I was sent the 2 items from The Monster Factory to review, both equally odd but as I found out equally cool.

The Manwrap is a new idea to take the stress out of wrapping.  It is a 5 metre roll of red or blue printed foil that costs £5.99 that you tear, fold and press around your present.

I tried it with an awkward present of doggy chews.  It was really easy as no faffing with tape or holding bits down to ping up again.

It is basically printed foil but obviously a lot prettier!

The 2nd item were these very cute Gnome cookie cutters that are £6.99.  They come with a recipe on the back to make biscuits – but being the odd folk we are I decided to make some scones with them (not totally mad as we have done this before!)

The cutters are good old fashioned metal ones that I somehow prefer to use than the modern plastic ones.  Ben enjoyed cutting the little men out.  The scones weren’t terribly gnome shaped once cooked but that is due to me being domestically crap and not having ingredients for biscuits but having the domestic goddess fail of a box of scone mixture.

We will have another go and make biscuits next time!

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I was sent both items to review and keep, but the inability to bake along with the opinions are all my own 


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