Friday Night Lights on Netflix

Friday Night LightsIt has been a while since I found a new series to watch, one that has multiple seasons just sitting on Netflix waiting for your to devour.

I saw Molly over from Mother’s Always Right mention Friday Night Lights on her Instagram recently and went over to Netflix to have a look.

First impressions were…erm…American Football?? Really??

I watched the first episode (all the way back from 2006) and I will admit, the first one is a bit slow, lots of characters and football.  Yes football, and I have no knowledge of Amercian football. But as you do with Netflix you obviously wait and watch another. And then maybe another…

And oh I am addicted.

I managed to watch the first season of 22 episodes rather fast (I won’t admit how fast!) but the fact I could jump from the TV, to the Mac, to my iPhone made it too easy.  I was away with Ben for a week and once he was in bed I was there catching up.

tumblr_njs8anUOFH1rkkvuao1_1280I love the relationship between the 2 main characters, the coach and his wife.  It is a total #relationshipgoal (sorry teenage moment there.)  There is drama with the school kids and the games.  And not many episodes in I found myself googling the rules of American Football as I wanted to understand it more. (I hate watching sport!)

I now have some other friends watching it too, and I am on a ban until they catch up.  And I have spent the past few days wondering what all the characters are doing. (I have a life, honest!)

There are 5 seasons in total, so I have 4 left. And I have to say that makes me so happy – I won’t be when I am done.

Aside from the old mobiles and lack of social media on the show, it has aged really well.

So that is my viewing for the next while taken care of.

So Ben…

Netflix exclusively released Dinotrux this month – it doesn’t really need explaining. If you are 7 1/2 it is quality viewing.


Half dinosaur! Half truck! All amazing! Prepare for an adventure of prehistoric proportion as DreamWorks Animation’s action-packed DINOTRUX premieres only on Netflix.  The all-new series follows the larger-than-life adventures of Ty Rux, a massive Tyrannosaurus Trux, and his tiny friend Revvit, a razor-smart Reptool.  Together, the Dinotrux and Reptools unite to defend their new community against D-Structs, the biggest and baddest Dinotrux of them all, who threatens to destroy everything they’ve built.



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