Freya Active Moulded Crop Top Sports Bra Review

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Right at the start of my journey into getting fitter in October 2012 I reviewed some of Freya’s active wear on the blog.  I loved it but as I lost the weight it didn’t fit anymore.  Fast forward to 3 stone less and now and the need for a new sports bra.

At CrossFit I have a tendency to wear non fitted vest tops, so I need a crop top type sports bra underneath.  One day maybe I’ll be able to  wear one of the pull on types that cost £5.99 but at the moment I am still ‘blessed’ with the need for a proper sports bra.

I can’t stand the sports bras by the big company (S.A.) as you end up pulling a muscle trying to do the straps up and they all seem to give you that rather horrible sausage chest look. They squish you in and don’t really stop the movement.

Freya have recently launched their new Active Moulded Crop Top which is just a bit clever.  It has under-wires that are hidden away so are totally comfy, but fully supportive without the sausage boob look.


In tests It reduced pain by 97%, reduced strain to 1% and 92% of participants felt that the Freya Active crop top sports bra reduced breast movement within the bra.

I was sent one of the bras in indigo to give it a try with running and CrossFit. First of all I had to get over the excitement that it matched my custom CrossFit nano trainers, but then for the serious test.

The bra has a clip on the back, so giving you the option of normal bra straps or a racer back clipped together for more movement sports like running.

Like all Freya bras the fit is from proper measuring of yourself, not the weird made up add 2 or 3 inches to your underband size rubbish.  So if you are a 28 under your bust you will be a 28 band.

The new bra is firm, but this is good obviously, as from washing and wearing it will stretch.

I have worn if a good few times now for running and various CrossFit workouts (lifting, kettlebells, burpees etc) and it is both really comfy, looks brilliant and does its job.  It is great as it doesn’t matter if it shows on low cut vests as it is totally secure and comes up nice and high.  If I was to ever just wear a crop top and leggings (that’s never gonna happen, but IF…) I would be wearing this.

It is available in 28D – 40G, With 30-36 going up to a H cup and costs £40

Review Freya Active Indigo Moulded Crop Top Sports Bra

I was sent the bra free for the purpose of the review, the  words, opinions and comments expressed are an honest review by me.

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