Digging out the vinyl…

After having a major tidy up of the house int he last couple of weeks I got the box of records out from under the cabin bed in Ben’s room where they’ve been hidden away.  All of them are no in my iTunes and even though I have a record player I have nothing to plug it into to get sound from.  But yet I can’t part with either the record player or the records.

So excuse me whilst I have a trip down memory lane with a few of the pieces of the vinyl I own here.

These were just plain cute – bring it out on 10″ and I wanted it, regardless of if I loved the music.



The coloured and clear 7″



Coloured 12″



Coloured 12 ” (The live Belong makes me hold my breath still)



Flipside of Nightswimming Picture Disk






Much loved, 2nd hand



Stickers on or off was always a great debate



I would bet I can still quote every world to every song on here



James 7″ How was it for you? – that is one of the images of that era



It didn’t need words on the front, an image that is just known to so many



12″ Underworld Born Slippy – The first 5 seconds stop me in my tracks every time




  1. 21 March , 2012 / 3:56 pm

    Is that a Carter box set?

    I have my ticket to see them at the end of the year, cannot wait!

    • 2 Stars and a Swirl
      24 March , 2012 / 2:03 pm

      Not a box set no – I do have a good few other 12 and 7″‘s though from them. And after reading your comment and googling I might have to go see them in Brixton. Saw them there many, many years ago, one of my first gigs.

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