Could you live with no tv …?

When you have a 3 1/2 year old little boy you think about their behaviour a lot.  You don’t really have much choice as if you ignore it it very quickly can spiral into chaos.

The last week has been filled with the food stuff here  and has been exhausting, the acting required by me has really taken it out of me.  i think you only find out when you are a parent just how hard it is to ignore things.

We had an incident on Friday that left me in that parenting place of clueless (you know the one that arrives just as you think you are getting your head around what you are doing.)  For the 2nd time Ben threw one of him much loved cars at the TV.  This time it was done to get my attention as I said no to something he wanted, add to that it was Friday so he was on the last of his happy boy hours of the busy week.  The car made a tiny chip in the TV screen.

Why did he do it?  Ben was always a thrower from early toddler years, he lobbed stuff.  After various tries of controlling it I realised ignoring it was the solution and over the last couple of years it has almost stopped.  But a few weeks ago something had set him off, I can’t remember what but it was probably a Friday and he had for the first time thrown a car at the screen and taken a chip out of the screen right in the middle of it.  Meaning that when it was on there is a small white circle with no picture on it.  My OCD does not like this as all I can see when watching the TV is the white circle.

So fast forward to this Friday and the 2nd incident, he did it as he was frustrated I was not giving him what he wanted and he knew from the telling off he got last time that this would get a great reaction from me (they are too clever) and it did.  yes I know, who is the grown up and in charge?

But here is where I get stuck, that was too big to ignore, so whilst he was at pre-school I took away the TV, it is the only one in the house.  I put it in my room under a blanket.  When he got home he was miffed but smiled and not really bothered.  And we have had the whole weekend with no TV – he did watch a DVD on my laptop on Sunday afternoon I admit, it was for both our sanity!

So at the end of Monday, 4 days in with no TV and neither of us seem to really care, he hasn’t asked for it as it is not here to ask for.  I don’t really watch normal TV that much, the occasional Xfactor and then stuff on laptop.

So just wondering now do I become one of those odd hippie households with no TV?  I am not sure if he really gets that it is gone for good or a bit.  My concern is of course will he do it again – or do I pay out £100 for a screen protector?




  1. 3 October , 2011 / 11:27 am

    I removed the TV after a discussion with a group of friends about life stresses. what caused the most stress in their houses? A TV – and everyone said that they would be TV free if it weren’t for having a husband who liked it (also an extra cause of stress – 6pm news, sports etc).
    Well, as I don’t have a husband I acted for all of us and got rid of mine from the lounge.
    love it love it love it.
    I am tv free in my living areas and have one in the corner of the bedroom.
    the children love their snuggle in bed with a dvd time – about once a week.
    If that makes me an aging hippy (oops think i already am one…) then bring it on:)

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