Celebrate Yourself This Mother’s Day

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As a single parent, celebrating certain holidays can be a bit difficult. Internationally-recognized occasions such as Mother’s Day are especially hard on mums who are on their own with their children, and marking these holidays can be even more of a challenge for those mums with young children. All mothers should be honoured on Mother’s Day, particularly the single mum, and whether you’re lauded by a bounty of friends and family or only have your little one to give you praise, it’s important that you take the time to commemorate yourself this day.

There are a variety of ways single mothers can celebrate (and spoil) themselves on Mother’s Day. From free Mother’s Day activities that you can enjoy with your children to lavish treats designed specifically for you, there are endless things you can do to feel special on this holiday. Here are a few suggestions for ways to make you feel like a queen on Mother’s Day.

Treat Yourself

Birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day are holidays that give us single gals an excuse to throw caution to the wind and purchase something major for ourselves. Buy yourself an expensive piece of jewellery, a new outfit, or extravagant shoes. Perhaps you may even want to use this celebration to obtain something you wouldn’t ordinarily purchase. If you can’t afford a substantial treat, buy yourself something simple like chocolates or M&S flowers. It may sound crazy, but even giving yourself a card full of affirmations and praise for your parenting skills can boost your confidence and make you feel exceptional.

Take Some Much Needed Me Time

Finding a moment for yourself is hard for any mum; however, as a single mother, it is nearly impossible. Although Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated with your children, do something different and ditch the kids. (Yeah, I said it.) Spend a day at a spa, take a yoga class, go for a nice, long jog, or spend an entire day in bed. The idea of leaving your child on Mother’s Day may not seem appealing, but it is necessary to take a break from parenting every now and then in order to focus on yourself. If you can’t take a full day off from your mothering responsibilities, take yourself out on a date. Put on a sexy dress and go to your favourite restaurant or expensive, five-star eatery.

Spend the Day With Your Girls

As a mum, you barely get a moment to yourself, so time spent with friends should be cherished and taken advantage of as much as possible. Plan a Mother’s Day tea party for your closest mum friends. If tea’s not your thing, perhaps you and your gal pals can have a ‘mums only’ dinner party or, if you ladies are feeling frisky, a night out on the town. You can also involve the children in your Mother’s Day event. Throw a luncheon and invite your friends and their children. Like with other holidays, set the kids up at their own table with plenty of goodies. Remember to provide your guests (both big and small) with party bags containing items such as lotions and perfume samples for the mummies and candy and small toys for the little ones.

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