But it’s easier for them…?

When starting something new it is so easy to always assume that others who are doing it find it easier.

This could be people that have started to lose weight

“they don’t have the cravings I do”

“I have to cook for the children so it makes it harder to eat different things”

“it is just harder for me because…”

Or maybe when starting at a gym / crossfit / running

“They are younger than me”

“They are fitter than me”

“They know more than me”

“They have better genetics than me”

And here is the thing…all of those could be true, but it doesn’t make it harder for you, or easier for them.  EVERYONE has their own issues to deal with, and something I have found out at Crossfit especially is that no one has it easy.  If they do then there is no point being there.

You don’t want it to get easier, sure where is the fun in easy?

When struggling recently at Crossfit I looked up, and realised that no one walks in there and is able to do it all, yes some learn faster than others, but they weren’t born with the ability to do a snatch / clean /whatever. THEY have worked hard to get it, and worked to learn how.

This removes another whole area of excuses, make it simple.

Hard work will reward you.



  1. 17 April , 2013 / 3:28 pm

    So true 🙂 And I love it about Crossfit that no one competes with each other, you only compete with yourself.

    • 2 Stars and a Swirl
      17 April , 2013 / 3:31 pm

      Totally, and the fact that EVERYONE is celebrated. It really is all the motivations posters you’ve ever read … just in real life 😉

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