Boys will be boys…?

When I was looking for, and in a relationship with a man I was often confused and agreed with the they are from Mars we are from Venus type thing.  But I am beginning to think that as a Mummy to a boy that this is even more true.

My main struggle at the moment is the aggression thing that he seems to be embracing. Thankfully not towards other people but in his imaginative play.  I have to bite my tongue to not comment when all his ‘friends’ are being wrestled around the room.

We have been watching The Lion King for the past couple of weeks as his most requested thing to watch, I had never seen it before and was surprised at how dark a lot of it is.  Ben seems to have picked up on the fighting and violence in it, he has a toy Simba from a gift ages ago and that has been involved in full on fights with other toys.  With him shouting at them and doing voices of “NO YOU STOP” “I’M GOING TO GET YOU” etc.

If he realises I am listening in he tends to tell me that Simba is not playing nicely and needs to go to time out.

But as I said I try my hardest to ignore and let him be (damn that Mummy thing of saying things with your mouth and not your brain) as I know he does just need to do rough and tumble and as long as he isn’t hurting anyone or anything then it is ok…isn’t it?

I am such a believer in letting children be children and getting muddy, running free and enjoying life, but this type of thing is a minefield of freedom and be acceptable.

I also realise that this is just the start of it all…I need a new manual I think now that we are coming out the other side of The Toddler Taming one


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