Bad Nights Again

Ben has been sleeping for 11 hours at night straight through for the last couple of week. The last 3 nights he has been awake every 4 hours again. I tried settling him but he cried with hunger and then takes between 2 – 6 oz. He does go back to sleep fairly easily after the feed.He did this randomly once last week too – so don’t think it is a growth spurt.

He has been having the same amount of milk during the day.

It’ll teach me for being all smug he was doing the 11 hoursI moved him into his own room last week into his big boy cot. The swaddling has become a real issue as no matter how tight I do it he is getting out, but it does work.

Think I need to buy a miracle blanket on ebay. I have put him back on the SMA LF today as I just don’t think he is over the lactose intolerance.

He has developed a cold today also – that has maybe be coming for the last few days too!  I will just have to see what happen for the next while

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