Are you tired and hairy?

Yes bit of a random question really for a Sunday night I guess…

But are you?

A few weeks ago I was really struggling, I was just exhausted, the type where you think if you do actually stop and sit down you will fall asleep.  I had dizzy spells, and just was close to tears as it was like everything was a fight as I was just SO tired.  I was getting OK sleep, not amazing but then being up at 6 a.m. EVERY day doesn’t make for feeling wide awake.  And cleaning for 8 hours a day also does tire you out a tad.

A friend suggested I tackle it by trying a combination of Berocca, Spatone & Vitamin D.  I have never managed to take vitamins for more than a few days before I forget and not terribly convinced that they have ever helped.  But 2 weeks ago I started every morning taking a vitamin D tablet (free ones given to me in Asda for Ben that he won’t take) and having a glass of orange juice with the spatone in and a berocca tablet (can’t do effervescent drinks)

And has it helped?

I was say it has transformed me, yes that does sound over the top I know but it really has made that much difference.  Maybe I was a bit iron deficient, or maybe my imaginative diet has caught up with me, or maybe these boosts have just topped me up.  But life doesn’t feel as much of a struggle, I have been getting up earlier to get stuff done and instead of crashing at 7:04 p.m. on the sofa I have been catching up with jobs around the house.

It isn’t a miracle, I still feel bloody tired, but that is my life, work, parent, cleaning, cats, gardening, life.  That isn’t going to change and I accept that but the fact that now it doesn’t all feel as much of a struggle and I feel so much more positive too.

And now onto the 2nd part … the hair thing…

To sum it up in a sentence

How have I got to my erm *whispers* late 30’s and never owned an epilator???

I was talked into buying one a couple of weeks ago (I am aware this post makes it look like I am easily led to buy thing *cough*) and well WOW!! I feel cheated that I didn’t own one for the last 20 odd years.

Yes ok it does smart a bit, but no more than waxing and I have to admit I do find these things a challenge to prove to myself that I can do them (this is not being pig headed, I prefer determined)

And the results are amazing, smooth legs, really smooth and skin is soft.  I decided to go for it and try under my arms and I am willing to be bold and share that this really is the most amazing result. It did hurt, I am not going to lie, but now I have nothing there, no stubble the next day from shaving, not dark shadow nothing. Just really smooth skin.

So yes ladies (and men?) go out and feel less exhausted and be hair free!


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  1. 31 May , 2012 / 10:34 pm

    You’ve convinced me! I’m heading to Tesco to buy that epilator first thing tomorrow! Then tomorrow night I will be on twitter calling you all the names under the sun after I’ve sworn, cried and thrown it in the bin 🙂

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