Are you a 90’s indie kid?

logo75 I use the TuneIn radio app on my iPhone as I don’t own a stand alone digital radio, and have various docks around the house. A few weeks ago I accidentally discovered a new internet radio station using the browse function. The Music Machine 2 has been an amazing find. It plays all day long quality indie music that if that was your era of music you will love. And the bonus apart from a bit of music news a few times a day there is no talking, no ads, just tune after tune. I am redsicovering old forgotten gems and bands that have gone off my radar and then classics like Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Nirvana and Pulp anthems just pop on between lesser known songs where you will know the artist but maybe not that song, which I love that combination. The Music Machine 1 focuses on recent, new and upfront material. You can listen online and on mobile devices. Sadly not on digiatal radios. I have had many dances whilst cooking the dinner moments in recent weeks…go and have a listen. You will smile, I promise. You can click on the logo below to listen

The Music Machine 2

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