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So after always being a windows PC owner and the closed I have been to a Mac is my iPhone and iPad, this month I became the owner of the most gorgeous brilliant MacBook Air.

My desktop PC was 2nd hand when I got it, and every time the temp got a big higher outside it started to cut out.  Fans were cleaned but it was no use. My laptop, no longer had a battery and it liked showing me the blue screen of death just when I was int he middle of something important.

Doing the work I do over at Geek Fairy I needed something reliable, and so the discussions started about changing to a Mac.

When it arrived I of course ended up having the busiest week at work, so it was baptism by fire of using it.  I have it set up with the MacBook plus 2 external screens.  I wasn’t sure if I would use the third screen much, but after a day I wondered how I have only worked on 2 screens for so long.

The lovely people over at Three kindly sent me a £25 iTunes voucher so I could buy myself some new apps for the Mac.  After lots of looking through the App Store I choose the following.


I tried many years ago to learn photoshop and didn’t get anywhere. I mainly use PicMonkey for design with GIMP and a few others things to get my what I need.

Having read reviews and tutorials about Pixelmator it seemed a great way to be able to do more design and editing without having to spend so much on photoshop.

I have used it a few times already, there are lots of tutorials for it on youtube which is great to do different things.  It is very different to web based programmes but once I stopped freaking out over not having a clue about it and just followed a step by step guide I was cutting out an image like a pro (well kinda slow- pro!)


I really hate using web based twitter, and only ever do if my phone isn’t at hand, even when I am at the computer. So I was happy to be able to buy an app for the Mac that has a similar simple look as the app I use on my iPhone.


I have become obsessed with listening to the Music Machine internet radio station so I needed to have a radio app, as using a browsers window is a pain as I kept closing it by accident.

Thanks to Three for sending me the voucher so I could try out some new apps 🙂

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