A year of Nail Art 2014

This year I think I spent probably a total of 10 days without my nails painted.  I taught myself to do leopard print and adopted the glitter accent nail as my own.

Nail Airt

Below is a how to for the leopard print – it is actually really quick and easy, and probably the first nail art to try.

The dotting tools are via eBay or Amazon  or you can use the end of a hair grip.

My best tip is use  Seche Vite top coat – depending on what I am doing, I can get a full week from my nails with 2 coats of this.

My hands are never going to be perfect like all the lovely instagram accounts of Nail art, but they are old and I CrossFit 😉

And I enjoy the 30 minutes enforced sitting down doing my nails each week.

I think 2015 might be the year of conquering stripes, after the Christmas tree success with the masking tape… watch my Instagram account for more 🙂

Leopard Print



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