12 Days of CrossFit #DONE

I don’t hide the fact that I am not a huge fan of this time of the year, and the whole Christmas thing.  There are a few reasons why…

I have had some of the hardest times of my life around now, and yes I am all for the whole create your own experiences, and take ownership of them. I get that, but I just very much dislike the whole Christmas ‘you must love every second of it from October’ thing.  People forget that their version of Christmas isn’t the same for everyone else.

On the 24th and 25th of December, I will enjoy it, and love see Ben’s face and the excitement of it all.  Enjoy seeing friends and family, and eating all the food.

But Christmas isn’t the picture postcard scene in my world, and that is OK. I just wish sometimes the world would accept not everyone loves it.

So when it was announced the 12 days of CrossFit challenge would be happening at S.O. CrossFit I somehow found myself thinking I wonder if I could do that.  It is a challenge to attend 12 CrossFit WODs on 12 consecutive days.  Most of them being benchmark WODs, that have a tendency to be evil.

So I started with the vague intention of seeing how many I could do.  And being slightly pig headed, I did them all.

My 2 year CrossFit anniversary is in January, my life has changed so very much in those 2 years.  The people I now have in my life through CrossFit, opportunities that have come my way in life and work through the community there. But most of all the ability to see myself take on challenges and complete them.

CrossFit has given me the confidence to go out into the world and see I am good enough, some of the quieter sessions where conversations turn to work or life and people give you the shove you need to apply for the job, or make you have the belief you can do that bit of work.  It is so far from just lifting heavy stuff and burpees.

For some it is simply coming and working out, for many of us it is far more.


Doing the 12 days has made me fall head over heels back in love with everything CrossFit again.  The community, the facing the toughest moment mid WOD and thinking there is no way in hell I am finishing this, the having words with yourself halfway through that you can do this, pick up the bar, the finding that last round and your #beastmode and fighting like hell.

On of the guys at our box shared his CrossFit story  this week and I just love this quote from him..

“I think 99% of it is all mental – in the gym, outside the gym, in work…start moving then keep moving until it is done no matter how hard it is.”

And that is it, one step at a time makes progress.  For the 12 days, one day at a time, tackling something that I haven’t done before, but proving to myself I can do it.

And how has the 12 days left me? (I actually did 14 days consecutive workouts)

No injuries, yes I am sore, but normal DOMs. Worst are the abs ones from the sit ups.  I ate lots of clean food but still lost weight, well size. And I am tired, but I was tired before I started.  It gave me a purpose for 2 weeks aside from the total madness of this time of year where the main focus is on buying crap that people don’t actually need.

My house looks like it has been burgled, twice. For the first time ever I haven’t written a single Christmas card, and I have a pile of cards unopened, somewhere.  But I did all the things I needed to do, Carol concerts, work, even Ben got fed and washed, well more of less.

So what did I do for those workouts?

Some stats of the movements I did, those are the amounts of 1 movement.  Most of the weights I did at 25kg or 30kg

Ran: 1660m

Air squats: 390

Push ups: 380

Double Unders: 210

Ring rows: 190

Sit ups: 150

Power cleans: 115

Over the bar burpees: 104

Knees to chest: 102

Wall balls: 80

Thrusters: 69

Dead Lifts: 60

Row: 60 calories

Box jumps: 48

Front Squats: 42

Power Snatch: 42

Kettlebell swings: 40

Push Press: 36

Over box jumps: 30

Clean & Jerk: 30

Jumping lunges: 30

Jerks: 24

Hand stand push ups: 22

Squat cleans: 21

Clean thrusters: 12

I also PR’d my Deadlift to 100kg and my Strict Press to 34.5kg



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  1. 23 December , 2014 / 11:43 am

    I’m totally in the same boat. I don’t enjoy Christmas for various reasons and as hard as I try to just put it behind me and let it go, this time of the year still has very blue undertones for me. 12 days of Crossfit was my saviour as well, it would have been even better if it had been 24 days of crossfit 😀

    I have done it 3 times now and each time is no less emotional. Enjoy the feeling – you’ve done incredibly well and now it’s time to drink mulled wine, chill out and then hit the ground running again come January!

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